In addition to countless table top finishes, Berco offers numerous edge styles and colors, including wood, PVC, and resin. And if your project calls for something customized, we've got you covered. Just contact us, and we'll find a solution for your specific project needs.

Order Finish Samples
  • Finish samples are shipped on Tuesdays and Thursdays with ground shipping from St. Louis, MO
  • If you need a sample more quickly, please contact your sales rep or Customer Service to discuss options.
  • To minimize waste, when possible please try to order only the samples you need (ordering individual powder coat samples for a project vs. ordering a complete set of powder coats, for example)
  • We do not maintain an inventory of upholstery memo samples. Those should be requested directly from the manufacturer. See Upholstery page for links to order samples.


E01 Chocolate
E02 Raincloud
E03 Ashen Gray
E04 Chromium
E05 Cashmere
E06 Graphite
E07 Nightfall
E08 Mushroom
E09 Mocha Cherry
E10 Ebony
E11 Snow
E12 Fusion Maple
E13 Wild Cherry
E14 Field Cherry
E15 Vosges Pear
E18 Aluminum
E21 Solar Oak
E22 Nepal Teak
E23 Huntington Maple
E24 Asian Night
E25 Brazilwood
E26 Cafelle
E27 Colombian Walnut


L-15 Bullnose Vinyl T-mold Edge
L-21 Flat Vinyl T-mold Edge
L-23 Bullnose Vinyl T-mold Edge
LC-9 Comfort Eased Front Edge
MR-1 Full Bullnose Soft Molded Edge
MR-2 Rectangular Soft Molded Edge
MR-6 Waterfall Soft Molded Edge
MR-7 Knife Edge
P-10 Self Edge
P-12 Flat PVC Edge
P-14 Specialty PVC Edge
PK-2 PVC Reverse Knife Edge
PK-4 PVC Reverse Knife Edge 4 Sides
R-1 Full Bullnose Rainbow Resin Edge
R-2 Flat Rainbow Resin Edge
R-5 Beveled Rainbow Resin Edge
R-6 Waterfall Rainbow Resin Edge
R-7 Bullnose No-spill Rainbow Resin Edge
R-9 Knife Rainbow Resin Edge
RK-2 Acrylic Resin Reverse Knife Edge-2 Sides
RK-4 Acrylic Resin Reverse Knife Edge-4 Sides
T-15 Bullnose Textured Edge
TC-9 Comfort Eased Front Edge-Textured Finish
V-12 Flat Wood Edge-Square Corners
V-16 Flat Wood Edge-Radius Corners
V-17 Flat Wood Edge-Radius Corners
V-18 Full Bullnose Wood Edge
V-19 Full Bullnose Wood Edge
V-23 Waterfall Wood Edge
V-32 Fluted Wood Edge-Square Corners
W-12 Flat Wood Edge-Square Corners
W-16 Flat Wood Edge-Radius Corners
W-17 Flat Wood Edge-Radius Corners
W-18 Full Bullnose Wood Edge
W-19 Full Bullnose Wood Edge
W-23 Waterfall Wood Edge
W-32 Fluted Wood Edge-Square Corners

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